What is wrong with society?
Somebody tell me, please.
It seems as though we focus more on
teasing others just to ease our own emotions,
coping with inner struggles,
than dealing with our troubles.
It’s like hoping to seize an opportunity
to belittle someone’s worth,
thinking that we’ll realize that inside we do not hurt—
but hark, now such fallacies reside within these parts.
For hearts are growing colder, apathetic beneath the scars,
growing bolder, putting down, with every selfish scheme,
not knowing that worth does not increase
by decreasing someone’s self esteem.

You called me a home wrecker…
furthest from my intent
I only meant to make you smile more
help you realize you’re worth the while for.
See, too many times I saw the hurt and sure
you covered pain the way people covered
paint on walls,
but to me you were already beautiful.
Flaws characterizing what made me mesmerized
memorizing memories like they were lines
from my favorite movie.
I would have swooned if I let you see through me, truly.
Guarded since the day you told me you were taken,
but mistaken as a sideline—I would never be.
See, I would rather see you happy
than to selfishly believe
that somehow I could treat you better
if you took that shot with me.

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Text Me Not.

It’s like you,
poke your head in just to tease,
leaving memories that we will never be.

How is it that I let my heart become so attached,
so quickly I’ve become mismatched in this bed without you, I
long for your touch, tender the way we once laid eyes
beneath your covers conversing like long time lovers
you were my something smooth, you
used kisses to soothe bruises, boost esteem,
profuse dreams reproducing themes of happily ever afters,
just to leave me in disbelief.
To every Princess Charming hereafter:
my heart will always be obsolete.

I can’t stop glancing at my phone—
wishing for a missed call,
a quick text,
a last chance,

                               a long shot…

Leg Day

Let this be a caveat to my calves
for all the half stepping-have nots,
you have ought to be in pain.

It’s the way you smile between kisses—
you’re, absolutely adorable,
constantly wanting more,
I explore deeper
excavating straight through your core,
you’re something else.
And sure,
I knew it the moment I laid eyes on you.
We connected like air line jets, yet
you were the only thing worth stopping for.
When we first met,
my heart caressed your smile, while
you contemplated running miles through my mind,
and at the time, I couldn’t find the words to tell you,
that I just wanted to make you mine.

I don’t want to do this to you…
Let you fall, terribly into the trenches of my broken heart,
right when you’ve began to climb back up again.

Poetry and I…

We’re like a bad relationship—
still together because it’s comfortable
and we know no other way…

Your lips are therapeutic, come kiss away my pain…

You tower in my thoughts,
sink deeper in my dreams,
inspire all my art—
you’re perfection as it seems.

Though I don’t mean to place you on a pedastle,
set expectation as a theme,
but the hope I’ve lost in other people, so far,
surely you redeem.