Words Misled

You’ve scarred me in ways that words cannot explain
painted pain in fabricated shades of grey.
Although I cannot say I’ve read your reasons
or know your story, truly,
part of me has fully found a way to read between the lines, unruly
because you always found a way to break them, cruelly
crossing lines just to fool me into loving lies.
I despise you for what you’ve made me—
All the wiser, but oblivion doesn’t reak of jealousy
or tainted trust. I’ve adjusted to the lack of love,
but lust doesn’t come close to fallen stars
when before that, all I ever saw was dust.

Now I’ll forgive you for what you did,
but I’ll never forget you for what you’ve said…
Promised me forever, now every other girl
ill have to suffer for words misled…

Tea Cups

I think I’ve been at a certain level a depression for a significant
enough of time through out my life, that I don’t even realize when I’m
depressed anymore.  I don’t feel sad.  I don’t feel suicidal.  
I feel nothing, but nostalgia,  and eventually realize
that my life has no focus because I’ve become so numb to what’s
going on around me, that I forget the world is still spinning,
while I’m just sitting here waiting for it to be over.

Drunk Love

Tonight I bought your favorite wine
missed you with every sip
thinking I could find
something reminiscent of your lips.
But when the bottles turned dry
I merely wished for an abyss
'cuz you made me an alcoholic, confined
to the day that we first kissed.

And somehow I’ll convince myself that I’m better off without you…

What do you tell a beautiful woman
who has been taught to believe herself unworthy?
Stripped of dignity, flaws pointed out strategically
repeatedly avoiding clouts meant to remove doubts—
she steady erases love for bouts of heated lust
cuz trust has harmed her plenty, packing punch,
the way her father did abuse her deadly,
bruised her heavy, now her hearts just amused by petty
girls who treat her worst,
than the first pervert who reversed her thirst
for something deeper…

If only she would listen,
maybe she would see the way I see her—

Beauty in pure perfection,
when she smiles in my direction
I swear shooting stars become eclipsed,
mixing fate with adoration.
She’s the one that holds my heart
mends the cracks and packs the parts
of painted thoughts cuz when we kiss
I swear our lips create real sparks.
She’s the art, to all my visions
giving life within these words,
cuz in this life I’ve made decisions,
but never more right, than loving her.

And if nothing else, I’ll write as if you love me…

Accompany me with your love,
tender kisses, misses,
this is what I’ve been dreaming of—
late night conversations, awaken me with your beauty
got me contemplating life like you compliment me truly
Do we document this duly, open hearts to see what gives
or should we monument the moments, take our time to let it live?

Forlorn Princess

The irony lies within her smile…
not merely for the fact that cracks
now resemble shattered hopes or the fact that
somehow she copes by depicting bitter scopes
of taunting dreams…she,
tells herself that feeling sadness means she feels
despite the madness still she can’t just
let it heal…
Instead she smiles for facade,
or to be perceived as something ideal,
a princess in disguise,
hyperbolized by the way she spills her mind…
forlorn by the pain within her—wise,
written rhymes, hidden between the lines.

You promised to love me…
and how foolish of I to think anyone would ever be so capable.

I Just Wish I Could Forget About You…

I have this problem with forgetting things…
forgetting names, forgetting numbers, forgetting letters,
forgetting thoughts of when times were better,
betting half hearts holding out for thoughts
of us together
forgetting lovers who brought us to this, endeavor
leveling out bottled up emotions,
throttled hope, devotions both harboring a potion
of postpartum depression, in notions, regressions
only getting harder knowing forgetting you is like
a barter with the devil, denying you’re any trouble,
I start to settle for the pain in me,
painting me a rebel where I revel within your memories…
Revery constantly keeps you here with me,
so I wonder how forgetting seems,
wishing I could bear the pain to cut the seams
just to remember how things used to be,
without you…

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All Of Me by Jayy Lee aka HeartlessRomantics.tumblr.comProd. By Enrichment (twitter.com/enrichment09)


I still remember, the first day that we met
so in awe with your beauty, yo I still can’t forget
the way you smiled, provoked a poem,
I wrote just to see it again,
hoping you could see my feelings within
growing stronger when we speak,
talking longer ‘til we peak, past, weak fads
where relations don’t last
I wanna flow together, grow together, maybe pursue
something suited better, for the weather, we may go through
'cuz most cats are seasonal, so easy to leave
but when I look into your eyes, girl know I believe
there’s something deeper in us,
I can feel it in your touch
hear it when we speak
so you’re more than just a crush
I want you dearly, nearly falling for you,
clearly call it art
'cuz when I drawing from my thoughts, yo, I feel it in my heart
you’re something special, and I knew it from the start
for the record, call it love, yea, I’m ready, lets depart, uh

[hook 2x]
'cuz I could love you if you give me the chance, uh
and I would give you all of me (all of me)
and I would give you all of me (all of me)
and I would give you all of me (all of me)
'til the world fades

Are you hanging on because you want me here
or because you don’t want to be alone?