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I’ve had this crater in my heart
since first impact.
Pieces of me projected out
while others, buried deep,
reside in depths that few have ever seen.
A callous of emotions,
corrupted me as a teen
now obstructing me from my dreams,
are memories in scars,
erupting straight through my seams.
I spent plenty nights below stars
yearning for their gleam,
not realizing that things,
aren’t always as they seem.

She was a star, dying for something more,
destroyed by what she was, and pried right through my core.


Your freckles are like distant stars within arms reach
painted across the back drop of your beauty, and there’s
no wonder why I love space, truly paced through me
are the heart beats of your origin.   The big bang of organs,
you run through me like shooting stars along horizons,
tracing atmospheres in light year speeds.
The middle of my universe in catastrophic dreams,
you’re limitless in logic, and I’m just a human being…

For my Astronomy class we had to read this essay and write about it.  I thought that it was very well written and interesting nonetheless.  If you’re into space and that sort of stuff, you should definitely spare the time and read through it.

The Lonely Space Traveling Chimp
(Inspired by Treazure)

He travels emptiness, knowing
this cant be all that there is…
Searching for the planet of the apes,
with, banana milk shakes,
and trees, draped with vines to sway,
or swing on…along side of
a girl who’d know his worth,
where together, they could birth
three little monkeys to jump on this—-
earth, since,
monkeys don’t have beds,
they have freedom,
and he has faith in love.
Because if hope was gas,
he’d travel to the
edge of the universe and back
until he found her.


Confused, lost in the infinite vastness that makes up everything…

If I can’t be the one that gives you everything, the least I could do is give you space…